YUE ONE Chassis


  YUE ONE Shafty Chassis

The special angle design increases the ground clearance, making the vehicle have excellent passability. In addition, the body has chosen 4.0mm full carbon fiber board, and the high-strength body brings safer driving for extreme movements.


1.Axles: If you choose YUE ONE Kit B, we recommend using the Axial Capra Axles (VP version)

(check image), please select the GearBox with a mounting hole of 38mm.


2.GearBox: Recommended Rhino GB867 GearBox

3.Shock absorber: It is recommended to use the RhinoCrawler S095 shock absorber, 0.9NUMBER spring for the front shock absorber and 0.8NUMBER spring for the rear shock.

4.Power System: Recommended to use Rhino VE40A & Rhino RM-S12 Brushness motor

5.Battery: recommended to use 850mAh

6.If you choose our YUE ONE Kit A version, you need choose Axles based on your Gearbox(Notice: the Chassis support 38mm GearBox installation hole). In fact the YUE ONE chassis can be used for all axles, but the length of the pull rod needs to be customized by customers.

7.When you order YUE ONE KIT B and Capra Axles(VP Version), recommended Drive Shaft(2pcs 65-81mm, 1pcs 101-154mm) and Rhino Transfer Case for you.

8.Battery: Recommended to use 850mAh