RM-S20 Brushless Motor

 RhinoCrawler RM-S20 is an extremely torque dense and lightweight choice with exceptional startup! It has more mounting positions, beefier wire retainer, and thicker back iron. RM-S20 is very difficult to produce, and it is currently the smallest size of the 2820 stator, the outer size of the RM-S20 stator 2820 is only 35x32mm! In addition, it adopts a specially customized dual tile strong magnetic design, which makes the motor lightweight and has stronger explosive power on the basis of small size!

1:10 rigs
Competitive RC Rock Crawling
16ga silicon motor leads
Hollow Shaft for lightweight

KV: 1450KV / 1800KV / 2220KV(Support KV Custom)
14 pole 12 slot stator
8.4V -16.8V (2-4S) LiPo
1/8" D (3.17mm) shaft output
25mm Mounting holes for M3 screws
120g with wires, without connector
35mm diameter x 32mm long
28x20mm stator