GB867 ransmission Gears

 The Gearbox Transmission is very important for rc crawler car. Lightweight, High strength, High gears and the operation between them are very important.
The RhinoCrawler GB867 will bring you a different experience. Its weight is only 76g. The design of the opening of the motor fixed seat makes it to install. Integrated design ensures the concentricity of the operation. All gears are made of 1144 steel and heat treated, The primary gear has been laser welded, so that the gear will not slip and the strength will be strengthened to cope with the large torque. How to solve the back-lash and noise? GB867 first designs the Integrated shell of the gearbox, then design the gears size set follow the hole location, then produces the gears, which can ensure perfect clearance and achieve the effect of silence, it's worth it for RC Crawler!

CNC Machined
Run is Quiet
Smooth and excellent!
Easy to install and durable
#6061 Aluminum Alloy Housing
#1144 steel and heat treated
JAPAN NSK Bearings
Fits LCG Chassis Rails
Compatibility: for 1/10 RC Crawler Car DIY

Color: Golden
Mount Width: 38mm (hole to hole)
Weight: 76g
Fits 3.17mm shaft diameter motors
Gear Ratio: 1:8.67