7075 Wheel Hex Hub

 RC hex hub is made of quality 7075 aluminum alloy material, durable, wear-resistance and corrosion resistance.
Easy to DissembleThe wheel hex hub is easy to install and disassemble, save more time.
RhinoESC Hex Hub Adapter, 4pcs Wheel Hex Hub Extension Adapter Combiner Compatible with RC Car 1.9/2.2inch Wheel
Change Wheel DistanceThe wheel hex hub can extend or reduce the wheel distance, sturdy and practical.
The wheel hex hub is designed for enhancing wheel safety and ensuring evenly force, this design helps improve performance of RC car, and making it more realistic and attractive.

Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Quantity: 4PCS
Color: Golden
Thread Diameter: 3mm
Wheel Hex: 12mm
Height: 6mm/ 9mm/ 12mm/ 15mm/ 18.4mm/ 22mm
Diameter of Center Hole: 6.8mm